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Project ‘Open Access’

Ability to exchange ideas, knowledge and information is the lifeblood of citizenship and participation in a shared public sphere.Provided adequate economic resources and effective legal and institutional environment, access to knowledge in all its forms is possibly the single most important factor in determining the success or failure of civil society.While traditional media remain essential, new digital technologies hold potential for enhancing civic life that is still untapped.

Open Access, our Information Communication Technology (ICT) programme,aims to promote the equitable deployment of knowledge and communications resources providing access to content, tools, and networks for civic empowerment and effective democratic governance.We believe, as a secondary effect, the program will enhance the effectiveness of other activities through the use of knowledge.

The Program focuses on internet connectivity, technology support for civil society organizations and networks, open access to scholarly literature and citizen-government communication.

We intend to develop an IT and media centre at Guwahati, Assam to serve as a nerve centre for all our activities. In due course, the centre will support satellite centres throughout the region. The Centre will -

1.     help civic actors to take advantage of ICT to influence decision making so as to encourage investment, protect basic liberties and create a terror free environment

2.     run seminars/workshops to develop skills and entrepreneurship helping youths to take advantage of the global market place via new technology

3.     provide students, teachers and civic players affordable access to services and scholarly content such as research literature, database and utilities

4.     develop low-cost ICT toolsets for enterprises, civil society governance and learning applications

5.     encourage networking to empower civil society

6.     provide ICT support for the non-profit sector, enabling to take full advantage of new technologies

7.    support and facilitate research seeking solution to local problems.


Alliance for Community Capacity Building in Northeast India, Charity Registered No. 1106666, Charity Commission for England and Wales.

Partner: Prag Foundation, Guwahati, India

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57 Newington Drive, NE29 9JA, North Shields

Tel: +44-3330113470


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