Given the imperative of using our scarce resource in the most efficient way to meet our objective of capacity-building in today’s knowledge society, we decided in favour of a school teacher training programme in computer literacy which would, in turn, benefit the underprivileged students of the state-run primary and secondary schools. Sanjay Dutta, one of our volunteers, has developed the programme to initiate the primary teachers into the world of digital literacy. He has conducted the first residential 1 week intensive training workshop starting 12th November 2007 with the participation of Shri Imnawati and SmtImnasangta from Govt. Middle School and Christian School, respectively situated in a small Nagaland village of Yimjenkimong. Each trainee was given to work on the latest Linux laptop during the week-long programme. The workshop was a great success and the two teachers were highly satisfied with what they achieved during the week. The Nagaland school was also donated 2 desktop PC that run on the latest version of a Linux distro with bundles of software suitable for primary school education plus open-source office package.

The second intensive week long workshop was carried out with participation of one teacher from Dimoria School from 18th February 2008. Dimoria School has been donated 2 desktop Linux PC.

We already have access to 5 laptops and a projector to conduct workshops and hope to increase the capacity of the programme in terms of quality and increased frequency. We very much believe this programme will contribute significantly to our objectives.